Sixty-two goals in 4 matches!

PUNE, July 2024: A record sixty-two goals were scored on a single day in the four matches played in the Hockey Pune League 2024-25 Senior Division encounter, conducted under the aegis of Hockey Maharashtra, at the Major Dhyanchand Stadium, Nehrunagar-Pimpri on Sunday.

Rovers Hockey Academy topped the day winning 21-0 against Pune Magicians in a Pool-B Junior Division encounter. The match turned out to be the highest score of the day and the highest margin of the four matches played. Similarly, Rahul Rasala (10 goals) was the only double digit individual score recorded and included two hat-tricks.

Later, PCMC Club locked an 18-1 win over Vikrant Warriors Hockey Club in another Pool-B encounter. The highlight of the scoreline was Anand Gaikwad (9 goals) which included a hat-trick.

The other high scoring match witnessed in Pool-A was Poona Hockey Academy logging a 17-1 win over PCMC Academy ‘B’ with the high point being Ronak Vedlelu (5 goals)

After the day witnessed one-sided matches in the Junior Division, it was Central Railway, Pune who defeated Income Tax, Pune 3-1 in the Senior Division in the only tight match of the day. A brace by Stephen Swami (16th, 37th) and a goal by Mayur Nalawade (51st) put Central Railway on track, while Income Tax had Chirag Mane (34th) reduce the margin.


Senior Division

Central Railway, Pune: 3 (Stephen Swami 16th, 37th; Mayur Nalawade 51st) bt Income Tax, Pune: 1 (Chirag Mane 34th). HT: 1-0 

Junior Division

Pool-B: Rovers Hockey Academy: 21 (Rahul Rasala 3rd, 4th, 8th, 17th, 18th, 28th, 31st, 34th 43nd, 49th; Nayenesh Durga 9th, 22nd, 23rd; Selvaraj Pillay 14th, 51st; Ayush Shah 20th; Akshay Bhosale 25th; Tushar Durga 47th, 56th, 58th; Rohan Dede 59th) bt Pune Magicians: 0. HT: 12-0

Pool-B: PCMC Club: 18 (Shiva Waghchore 11th; 28th, 52nd; Anand Gaikwad 12th, 14th, 16th, 34th, 41st, 42nd, 46th,  56th58th; Ajay Gote 18th, 30thNilesh Kamble 29thGanesh Landge 38th, 55th; Vrishab  Awhad 45th) bt Vikrant Warriors Hockey Club: 1 (Shubham Dhawle 53rd) bt HT: 8-0  

Pool-A: Poona Hockey Academy: 17 (Ayan Sayyed 7th, 53rd, 54th; Affan Mulla 8th, 42nd, 49th, 50th; Rohan Rapol 13th, 27th 28th, Saksham Hule 16th, Ronak Vedlelu 17th, 24th, 35th, 41st, 56th; Ajinkya Kalbhor 32ndbt PCMC Academy ‘B’: 1 (Aditya Khude 3rd). HT: 8-1. HT: