Kühl Fans Makes a Splash in Pune: Launches Latest Range of Smart and Stylish, Energy-Saving Fans with BLDC technology offering up to 65% power savings & 100% Made in India

Pune, February 2024: Kuhl Fans, from the house of the country’s largest RO purifiers brand, have introduced the newest range of Kühl Smart and Stylish Fans in Pune. These fans, built using BLDC technology, are not only elegant and stylish but also energy-efficient, offering up to 65% savings on power consumption.

By expanding its portfolio, Kuhl now offers an extended array of energy-efficient fan models. The launch Pune signifies increased availability of the new range at new retail points, ensuring broader accessibility for Kühl fans. With this strategic expansion, Kuhl aims to solidify its standing as a premier provider of energy-efficient and innovative ceiling fan solutions in the market.

Kühl introduced an innovative Next-Gen Desert Cooler fan based on BLDC technology called Kuhl Exzel. This floor-standing desert cooler cum fan disperses ultrasonic water mist into the air, effectively reducing room temperature by up to 5 degrees Celsius. Moreover, the Exzel Desert Cooler Fan operates with almost no noise, ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep. With its oscillation feature and a 12-hour-lasting internal water tank, it serves as an ideal replacement for the loud and bulky traditional desert coolers in your home. The introductory price is only INR 8990.

Kuhl Fans also launched yet another innovative device called the Kuhl Voice Controller – a first-of-its-kind voice-based controller for fans. The simple device plugs into an electrical socket and allows users to effortlessly control Kuhl fans with their voice. Not only can users switch the fan on/off, but they can also perform complex operations like speed control and controlling the downlight using their voice. Most importantly, the device does not require an internet connection to work. This plug-and-play device not only controls Kuhl fans but can also operate any brand of AC or TV in your bedroom. The Kuhl Voice Controller now enables you to operate all the appliances in your bedroom from the comfort of your bed. There’s no need to look for the remote or get up from your bed on a cozy night. This innovative device comes free of charge with premium Kuhl fans and can be purchased separately for only INR 1999.

Kühl has also launched the Kuhl Inspira series, India’s first 100% Made in India BLDC Wall and Pedestal range of fans. These innovative wall and pedestal fans offer 65% power savings and operate with low noise. The Kuhl Inspira series TPW range features 5-blade fans with dual control options – touchscreen and via remote. One notable feature of these fans is the electronic swing control, a much-needed function that allows users to easily switch on/off the swing or oscillation function with a simple touch of a button. The introductory price for Kuhl Inspira fans starts at an excitingly low price of only INR 3999.

Additionally, the Kuhl Galaxis series has been introduced, catering to larger spaces with ceiling fans available in diameters ranging from 55 inches to 68 inches. These fans operate at a nearly silent 100 RPM while delivering an industry-leading air delivery of 280 CMM. Equipped with smart technology, they are IoT-enabled, allowing convenient operation through mobile phones or Amazon Alexa/Google Home devices. Furthermore, these innovative fans come with a built-in downlight offering a variety of colors. The premium Kuhl Galaxis range starts at INR 13,990.

For the cost-conscious customers seeking stylish fans, the company has introduced its latest Kuhl Arctis series of ceiling fans. These sleek and slim fans feature a compact motor and come in various colors. The Kuhl Arctis series range starts from only INR 2699.

Kühl BLDC fans boast a range of stylish and innovative features that make them highly desirable. They are WiFi and IoT-enabled, allowing remote control through a smartphone, Alexa, or voice commands. Additionally, they come with a reverse function that effectively circulates warm air around the room, making them a practical choice for all seasons. Moreover, the Kühl fans are designed to deliver more airflow while producing minimal noise, making them a perfect fit for modern architectural and interior projects in both residential and commercial settings. With these unique features, Kühl fans offer an efficient way to reduce energy consumption while enhancing the aesthetics and comfort of any space.

Addressing a media conference, Mr. Varun Gupta, Joint Managing Director of Kent RO Systems Limited, said, “We are proud to launch the latest range of Kühl Stylish Fans in Pune, aligning with our brand philosophy focusing on energy, environment, and technology. With the rising temperature and the need to conserve energy, we believe that these fans will be in high demand in the region. Notably, a typical induction fan consumes around 80 watts of power, whereas a Kühl BLDC fan consumes only 28 watts of power at full speed. This means that Kühl BLDC fans can achieve energy savings of up to 65 percent.”

Mr. Gupta further added, “Kuhl, which entered the Indian ceiling fan market last year with a premium range of smart and stylish fans, has made significant strides in its first year of operations. In fact, the brand boasts the largest selection of high-end premium fans in India and is now prepared to dominate the mass premium category in the country. Encouraged by the positive response to its initial offerings, the brand is aggressively expanding its product portfolio and venturing into new territories. This exciting move includes Pune, a key market for ceiling fans, marking Kuhl’s commitment to becoming a nationwide leader in the industry.”

“We are continuously investing in R&D to bring the best range of products to our customers. In a short span of 1 year, we have been able to make significant strides and demonstrate to our customers that our world-class engineers and the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility are creating the most desirable and elegant range of fans for Indian consumers. All Kühl fans have a 5-star rating from BEE and are BIS certified,” said Mr. Gupta.

Kühl fans are also 100% made in India, designed by Kuhl’s R&D team, and offer a longer service life compared to typical induction motors. As part of its forward-looking approach, Kuhl envisions taking its fans in the international markets also, making a significant contribution to the idea of ‘Make in India, Make for World’.