Participation of Over 700 Environmental Enthusiasts in ‘TER Envirothon 2024’

Pune: The ‘TER Policy Center’, an organization dedicated to raising environmental awareness, successfully organized the ‘TER Envirothon 2024’ on Sunday, June 2, 2024, from 5 AM to 10 AM. Over 700 environmental enthusiasts from all age groups in Pune participated enthusiastically. This event was held in collaboration with Tata BlueScope Steels to promote environmental conservation and raise awareness among people at all levels in the backdrop of World Environment Day.

District Sports Officer Mahadev Kasgavade, Dr. Vinita Apte  and Tata BlueScope Steel officials distributed the prizes. Dignitaries present included Dr. Ram Bhoj, Mahadev Kasgavade, Ravin Wadekar, Shiksha Mishra, Major Himani, Chetan Balwadkar, Rohan Khawate, Mahesh Kavadkar, Vijay Kumar, Vivek Kumar, and Deepak Malkani. The event was hosted by Khushbu Arora. TER Policy Center is particularly committed to forest creation. So far, the organization has planted and nurtured 400,000 trees across India. The number of participants determines the number of trees to be planted and nurtured that season, which is a unique feature of this Envirothon, as mentioned by the organization’s founder president, Dr. Vinita Apte, in her introductory speech.

This was the third year of this initiative. World Environment Day is celebrated on June 5, and the event was scheduled on the preceding weekend, Sunday, June 2, 2024. In the past two years, over 2,000 participants from companies like Vilo India, Tata Motors, Tata AutoComp, and various regions of the state have participated in this marathon. The marathon was conducted in 3, 5, and 10 kilometers categories, with participants grouped into age categories of 12-18 years, 19-40 years, 41-55 years, and 56 years and above.

*Contribution to Awareness and Conservation*

TER Policy Center is an organization striving for forest growth, well revival, environmental education, and awareness. The organization has planted and nurtured over 400,000 trees in Pune, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Assam, Bhubaneswar, Goa, and Rajasthan. Dr. Vinita Apte mentioned that all the initiatives of the organization always receive a good response, and corporate companies’ support increases the enthusiasm for their work.