XUV 3XO: The Newest SUV from Mahindra #EverythingYouWant&More


 World Premiere on April 29 – Get ready for the unveiling of Mahindra’s latest SUV, raising the bar for innovation and excellence.

  • Everything You Want & More – Promising a fusion of thrilling performance, cutting-edge technology, unmissable design and unmatched safety, the XUV 3XO is built to surpass aspirations of the modern urban customers.
  • The 3X factor – The XUV 3X0 is a bonanza of offering with thrice the excitement and exuberance from the house of Mahindra.

Mumbai, April 04, 2024: Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., India’s leading SUV manufacturer, today unveiled the name of its much-anticipated SUV, the XUV 3XO (pronounced as XUV-three-ex-oh). Its global debut on April 29 will set a new precedent in the category, embodying the sophistication and modern technology that the XUV brand DNA is celebrated for.

Engineered to deliver “Everything you want & more,” the XUV 3XO embodies the essence of a truly standout Mahindra SUV. It seamlessly integrates thrilling performance, cutting-edge technology, unmissable design, and unparalleled safety to cater to the aspirations of urban drivers. With triple the appeal in each journey it surpasses expectations in all facets of SUV ownership.Top of Form

The XUV 3XO resonates with the ambitions of those on the rise, its name playfully mirroring the executive heights denoted by “CXO”. With its segment-leading features, this SUV is for those who demand excellence in every aspect of their lives.

The new XUV 3XO will be manufactured at the company’s manufacturing facility in Nashik, Maharashtra.

Social Media Addresses for Mahindra XUV 3XO:

  • Brand website:  https://auto.mahindra.com/suv/XUV3XO
  • Twitter: @MahindraXUV3XO
  • YouTube: @Mahindra_XUV3XO
  • Instagram: @mahindraxuv3xo
  • Facebook: @XUV3XO
  • Hashtags: #MahindraXUV3XO #XUV3XO

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