National award winning famous playback singer Rajesh Datar song Samarasata Release

Devoted to Mother India, Patriotic  Samarasata is an inspiring song for every class and has come to the hearts of fans.  The song is sung and composed by the well-known Pune-based singer and composer Rajesh Datar,  lyricist Mahendra Wagh penned the lyrics, “Ek Sanskriti Ek Rashtra Hain ! Dharti Ek Ye Suvahan Hai ! Samarasata Bhar Acharo Me, hoat Samashti Pawan Hai!”  are written  This song will serve to unite the nation and unite its citizens.  He has presented the importance of India as well as the diversity of India.

Rajesh Datar is born in Pune.  Datar, who was fond of music since his childhood, inherited music from his mother and studied classical music under the eminent Guru of Gwalior Gharana, Pt.  Mr.  Dattopant Agashe, Pt.  Mr.  Manoharpant Dabake, Pt.  Mr.  Ram Mate, and Pt. Mr. Madhusudan Patwardhan. In the year 1992, he won the gold medal simultaneously at the All India level in classical music and light music competition organized by Akashvani.  He has presented his art in musical programs organized by many renowned institutions in Pune, Maharashtra, India and abroad.

He has done more than 2500 cultural programs.  Many T.V.  On the channel as well as F.T.I And has presented his art in many programs of Akashvani.  Among them are Surtal, Geet Gopal, Geet Ramayana, Nakshatra che Dene, Jeevan Gand, maze Gane and Saptasur.  He has sung for more than 150 Marathi, Hindi, Bhakti Geet, Bhav Geet and non-film albums and has sung playback for more than 10 Marathi films.  In the year 2011, he received the best ‘playback singer’ award from the Maharashtra Government for the movie Samudra.  The ‘Bhajan Bhushan’ award was received by senior musician Mani in 2012 in Chennai.  His Samarasata song has come to the attention of fans.  This information was given by Rajesh Datar.