Experts discussed future trends in the automotive sector

Pune: Experts from the automotive industry have discussed the future trends in the automotive sector in the technical seminar, jointly organized by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) India and the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI). Recently, this seminar on ‘Automotive Future Trends’ was organized in the city hotel President, Karve Road.
Dr. Reji Mathai, Director of ARAI inaugurated the seminar. N. P. Wagh Director of Vector Engineering Solutions, Dr. Avinash Waghmare, Associate Professor at ‘AISSMS’, Keshav Tamhankar, Director of Spectratech, ‘SAE’ Western Section GB members Prakash Sardesai and Sanjay Nibanhe, N Vaidya, Executive Director Ramesh Pasrija, Assistant Director Mohan Patil, Manager Paresh Shitole, Sagar Murugkar, and Omkar Deshpande were present.
Dr. Meenal Sohoni, Homeopath & Counselor, Ujjwala Karle, Deputy Director of ARAI, Dr. Balasaheb Shinde of Force Motors, Mahesh Shinde of SAGE Engineering Consultancy, Dr. Anand Kulkarni, Associate Professor at MIT World Peace University were put their views on the subject.
Dr. Reji Mathai said, “Advanced technology and innovation are helping to produce cars running on sustainable fuel. Roads are in the country improving. Electrical vehicles are coming onto the road in large numbers. We are creating an ecosystem & providing appropriate infrastructure for this kind of new transportation trend. In the future, emphasis will be placed on building a carbon-free and accident-free transport system.”
‘Vision Zero’ and ‘Net Zero’ concepts are being implemented to make mobility more efficient. Innovation in chargers and batteries is going on along with regulations related to transport. Consideration is being given to how carbon-free and accident-free transport can be made by increasing the use of electronics and software, he added.
Dr. Meenal Sohoni gave a lecture on how to live a stress-free life. Peace of mind is necessary to increase efficiency, she added. Prof. Dr. Avinash Waghmare gave information about the competitions conducted by ‘SAE’. Ramesh Pasrija gave opening remarks. Anita Varma compared the program. NP Wagh gave a vote of thanks.