Çelebi Delhi Cargo Terminal Management Bolsters Security and Efficiency with “CargoCEL,” Barcode Scanning Upgrade

Delhi, February 27, 2024: Çelebi Delhi Cargo Terminal Management, the leading air cargo service and logistic provider, recently announced the implementation of a significant upgrade to its cargo handling processes. The company has transitioned from traditional security stickers to a barcode scanning system, enhancing accuracy, traceability, and overall efficiency while aligning with local and international aviation security directives.

This practical upgrade seamlessly integrates with Çelebi’s Warehouse Management System, digitally recording all stages of the cargo consignment process. The move offers a multitude of benefits for both Celebi and its customers including:\

· Elevated Security Measures

· Improved Resource Efficiency

· Enhanced Screening Integrity, Traceability, and Accountability

· Compliance with Regulatory Requirements

· Agile Solution to Meet Evolving Demands

· Environmentally Sustainable Option

Talking about the developments, Mr. Kamesh Peri, CEO, Çelebi Delhi Cargo Terminal Management said, “Our Warehouse Management System has been enhanced to integrate seamlessly with the latest barcode scanning technology, thereby enabling comprehensive real-time tracking of security process. At Çelebi Delhi Cargo Terminal Management, our priority is to provide our partners with the highest levels of security and operational efficiency. The adoption of barcode scanning marks a significant milestone in our quest to achieve these objectives. By implementing this advanced solution, we are able to upgrade our security process, optimize our operations, and demonstrate our unwavering commitment to continuous improvement through technology-driven solutions.”

Çelebi Delhi Cargo Terminal Management thrives on providing reliable and efficient customer centric cargo services while continuously striving for technological improvements. The commitment is towards excellence and ensuring the cargo handling experience is synonymous with heightened security, accountability, and forward-thinking practices. These enhancements highlight the company’s dedication to delivering excellent cargo services while continuously improving technology and human resources to provide better and seamless solutions.