Warkari Tradition: Ideals of Self-discipline and Moral Life

Pune: The palanquin processions of the great saints Dnyaneshwar Maharaj and Tukaram Maharaj have set off towards Pandharpur. Pune was filled with the chants of “Dnyanoba-Tukaram” and “Mauli-Mauli” along with the hymns of Vitthal. The pilgrimage to Pandharpur and the people of Maharashtra share an unbreakable bond. Everyone serves these devotees of Vitthal in their own way. As a part of this, students of Suryadatta National School cleaned the Warkari sculptures in the Bavdhan area.

Under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya, Founder President of Suryadatta Education Foundation, and Vice President Sushma Chordiya, this Warkari sculpture cleaning campaign was organized. Under the leadership of Sheela Oka, Director of Suryadatta National School, teachers along with students participated in this initiative. They picked up trash from the streets and cleaned the area. Senior citizens returning after tree planting appreciated the students’ actions.

Prof. Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya said, “This is a large family of Warkaris heading to meet Vitthal at Pandharpur. The Warkari tradition reflects self-discipline, moral life, and the quest for spiritual truth. This pilgrimage offers a remarkable experience beyond the usual spiritual concept. The purpose was to convey the rich culture of Maharashtra and the social message of the 700-year-old Warkari sect to the students. The students experienced the pilgrimage by cleaning, making moral behavior declarations, and singing bhajans of Pandurang.”

Snehal Navlakha, Associate Vice President of Suryadatta Education Foundation, congratulated the students and teachers, stating that the values of harmonious existence, tolerance, and peace taught by the Warkaris should be internalized. She expressed confidence that similar social initiatives contributing to the overall development of students will continue to be organized by Suryadatta in the future.