The role of Chartered Accountants in Banking Audits is important

Pune: “In the month of March-April, the audit work was done in a big way. The role of chartered accountants is important in making the audit of banks quality and transparent. Such conferences are helpful to upgrade the knowledge of new people in the banking sector,” mentioned Ashish Pandey, Executive Director of Bank of Maharashtra.
Ashish Pandey was speaking at the inauguration of a two-day national conference on ‘Bank Branch Audit’ organized by the Auditing and Assurance Standards Board of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) and hosted by the ICAI Pune Branch. Central Council Member CA Chandrashekhar Chitale, ICAI Pune chairperson CA Amruta Kulkarni, Vice-Chairman CA Sachin Miniyar, Secretary CA Hrishikesh Badave, Treasurer CA Moshmi Shah, Committee Members CA Ajinkya Randive, CA Rajesh Agrawal were present on the occasion.
Ashish Pandey said, “Audit includes visible and invisible things. There should be coordination between bank staff and accounting staff for quick and accurate audits. If the branch manager is new or coming from another branch, he should also understand the previous things, get training, and adopt advanced technologies and software. Today’s generation of Chartered Accountants is smart and technology-oriented.”
CA Chandrashekhar Chitale mentioned that Banks across the country are audited in March. Reserve Bank of India keeps issuing new rules, and circulars. Such seminars are conducted by ICAI all over the country so that the accountants are aware of these changed rules and technicalities.CA Amruta Kulkarni gave opening remarks. CA Moshami Shah compared the program. CA Hrishikesh Badave gave a vote of thanks.