Sanofi India Limited and Pune-based Emcure Pharmaceuticals announce exclusive distribution partnership to broaden reach of Sanofi’s Cardiovascular brands!

Mumbai, March 2024. The Board of Directors of Sanofi India Limited (“SIL”) today approved an exclusive distribution and promotion agreement between SIL and Emcure Pharmaceuticals Limited (“Emcure”) for SIL’s Cardiovascular products in India, effective immediately.

Emcure Pharmaceuticals will exclusively distribute and promote the Company’s Cardiovascular (CV) range of products that include well-established brands like Cardace®, Clexane®, Targocid®, Lasix® and Lasilactone®.

While SIL will continue to own, import, and manufacture these brands across Sanofi’s plants in India and internationally, Emcure will leverage its strengths to engage healthcare professionals and expand reach of these therapeutic solutions for patients who need them across all areas of India.

Sanofi India’s concerned employees will have the opportunity to work at Emcure.