NCCT Surpasses Training Targets by 88%, Reaching Five Times More Participants

Pune, 17 February 2024: The National Council for Cooperative Training (NCCT) tasked to upskill and empower cooperative societies conducted 3,287 training programs across the country during the financial year 2022-23, surpassing its target of 1,740 by a whopping 88 per cent.

There is a growing demand for training programmes to the women from the weaker section more particularly expanded its reach to 10988 SC women, 19485 ST women and 35663 women from General categories.

This resulted in a staggering 463 per cent or nearly five-fold increase in participant numbers, with 201,507 attending compared to the targeted 43,500, according the NCCT Annual Report 2022-23 tabled in Parliament during the just concluded Budget Session.

The role of NCCT, an autonomous Society promoted by Ministry of Cooperation, Government of India, having Pan India presence is responsible for organizing cooperative training with focus on cooperative management and administration for the personnel working in the cooperative sector.

The year 2022-23 marked an unprecedented milestone for NCCT, with remarkable accomplishments across various domains, the report said.

“This exceptional performance extended to the number of training and awareness programmes conducted, the volume of participants trained, organizing webinars and seminars as well as the use of social media to disseminate information about the Government of India’s schemes, programmes, and new initiatives,” it said.

NCCT organized a remarkable 565 high-level webinars, seminars and workshops fostering valuable discussions and knowledge exchange.

The year witnessed a record-breaking internal resource generation of Rs. 18.07 crore reflecting the Council’s financial prowess and sustainability, the report said.

“Despite the extensive achievements, the tentative expenditure for the year was maintained at a responsible Rs. 55.00 crore, demonstrating prudent fiscal management,” it added.

NCCT has meticulously tailored its training programmes to meet the diverse needs of cooperatives and cooperative personnel across the country. These include, Long-Term Post Graduate Programmes, Long-Term Diploma Programmes, Short-Term Programmes, and Three to Five Days Programmes.

“These exceptional outcomes in 2022-23 highlight the NCCT’s commitment to its mission and its unparalleled dedication to enhancing cooperative training and awareness on a national scale,” the report said on ‘Achievements and Milestones in 2022-23’.

NCCT also organises tailor made training programme on processing, marketing, for women dairy cooperatives, handloom, dairy, fisheries sectors etc. and also organises need based short term courses/programmes for SHG members on entrepreneurship, micro credit etc.