Lexicon Kids Promotes Gender Inclusivity and Raises Awareness for Women’s Rights

Pune, March, 2024: Lexicon Kids, a leading preschool renowned for its innovative approach to early childhood education, took a proactive stance towards promoting gender inclusivity and women empowerment. Students, accompanied by teachers and the Principal, presented a thought-provoking skit in commemoration of the International Women’s Day celebration at the Business Bay IT Park, Yerwada.

The skit served as an awareness-raising experience and showcased the remarkable journey of women’s rights and empowerment. The participants portrayed the resilience, courage, and contributions of women across generations and cultures, igniting a sense of inspiration and admiration among the audience.

Mrs. Aditi Thakker, Head Principal, Lexicon Kids, and principal, Lexicon Kids, Viman Nagar, remarked, “Lexicon Kids goes beyond the confines of traditional education. We cultivate a learning environment that prioritizes fostering gender inclusivity and equality from a young age. We’re not just imparting knowledge; we’re planting the seeds that blossom into responsible citizens who contribute meaningfully to building a more just and equitable society.”

The impactful performance by the participants not only highlighted their understanding of the importance of gender equality but also showcased their active participation in spreading awareness and appreciation for women in society. The skit resonated deeply with the audience, conveying the message of love, respect, and appreciation for women.

Lexicon Kids continues to lead by example in fostering an environment where students not only grow academically but also develop holistically by learning essential life lessons. By instilling values of empathy, compassion, understanding, equality, and inclusivity, Lexicon Kids prepares its students to navigate a diverse and interconnected world with grace and integrity.