BGauss and TIES Group Join Forces to Transform Last-Mile Delivery in Pune with 500 Electric Vehicles.

PUNE : In a move that resonates with the spirit of innovation and community in Pune, BGauss, a renowned electric vehicle manufacturer, and TIES Group, a pioneering startup in last-mile delivery solutions, both born and nurtured in the vibrant city of Pune, have joined forces. This strategic partnership is not just a leap in the electric vehicle (EV) sector, but a testament to Pune’s emerging role as a hub for sustainable solutions. As two homegrown companies unite, they bring a shared dream to life – a vision of cleaner, greener streets and a brighter, more sustainable future for the city they call home.

The collaboration unites the strengths of two industry vanguards, blending BGauss’s prowess in crafting premium electric bikes with TIES Group’s advancements in last mile delivery solutions. This synergy is set to fast-track the transition to electric mobility, offering customers enhanced access to cutting-edge, eco-friendly transportation solutions along with flexible financing options.

“TIES Group was founded with a deep-rooted commitment to societal change, especially focused on uplifting the lower economic strata. Selecting the last-mile delivery sector as our domain, we aim to create a significant impact. With technology, integrity, ethics, and sustainability as our core pillars, we found a shared vision with BGauss. This collaboration is a natural progression of our goals,” states Ankur Jain, Founder, and CEO of TIES Group.

Chandra Prakash, Head- Fleet Business at TIES Group, says “Our partnership with BGauss is a step towards achieving a carbon-negative fleet. The electric vehicles we have introduced not only offer lower running and maintenance costs but also ensure better performance and zero emissions. This initiative is a significant leap towards reducing urban pollution.”

Hrishabh Yadav, Head- Last Mile Solutions at TIES Group emphasized on the social benefits: “This initiative goes beyond just enhancing delivery efficiency. It’s about empowering our delivery personnel, providing them with sustainable and economical vehicles. This approach not only improves their working conditions but also supports them in becoming more self-reliant. The flexibility and ease of use associated with these EVs are game-changers for them.”

Commenting on the partnership Mr. Hemant Kabra, Founder & MD, BG Electric Scooters & Director, RR Global said, our vision is to “Provide an Indigenous Electric Scooter with World Class Quality and Technology to not just End Consumers but also to fleet with partnerships across the Eco System for growth and sustainability. With this partnership with TIES, we want to display the direct advantage of adopting electric mobility in terms of the savings and contributing to a cleaner environment”

At BG Electric Scooters, our focus is to deliver the best quality of Electric Scooters and after sales service to enrich the EV eco system and such B2B partnership will enable to scale up the last mile deliveries through zero emissions.

BG Electric Scooters introduced BG D15, A Stylish, 16” Wheels metal body scooter fully made in India to cater to the growing demands of Indian Consumers who want to ride more with comfort and safety. It’s a rugged, stylish and smart product, which blends with technology and superior riding experience to make it the Choice of every EV aspirant including the Last mile delivery partners.