KFC launches international burger fest inspired by global flavors

KFC Ginger Burger is very special and popular. But how about five different Zinger Burgers inspired by different parts of the world, each with their own flavor and taste?

Yes, you heard that right! Whatever your cravings, KFC has come up with the savory and crispy KFC Zinger Burger to suit your every taste.

The KFC International Burger Fest will feature not one, not two, but five different Zinger Burgers, priced at just Rs. 179/- will start. KFC International Burger Fest offers you ‘Take a Bite, Take a Flight ‘ as it becomes your own passport to taste global flavors. From spiciness to classic and tandoori, you’ll find a lot to choose from. KFC Zinger Burger is here to fulfill your every desire to enjoy global taste.

So now chicken lovers, get ready to enjoy a variety of dishes made from 100% real chicken.

And try the timeless American classic Zinger, made with crispy fillet, veggies and creamy mayo sauce on a soft sesame bun. Additionally the Caribbean Spicy Ginger Peri-Peri Bun is spiced up with golden fillet, crispy veg, melted cheese and three chili sauces.

Plus the bold flavor of the Mexican Pro Zinger comes from crispy fillet, veggies, habanero sauce and melted cheese in a sesame bun. Indian Tandoori Ginger is made with crispy fillet, crunchy vegetables and two tasty sauces – tandoori and mayo in a soft sesame bun.

KFC brings a new Paneer Zinger to the International Burger Fest. This new paneer zinger features a crispy and juicy paneer patty, crunchy vegetables and a delicious tangy sauce in a sesame bun.

Every burger lover will find something for themselves at the KFC International Burger Fest. So, experience a unique world of flavors with every bite of this new Zinger Burger at the International Burger Fest. Visit your nearest KFC restaurant immediately,