Hrithik Roshan continues his association with itel Mobile, reinforces the #Dare ToDoit Spirit

New Delhi, April 2024: itel, India’s leading mobile phone brand, proudly reaffirms its collaboration with Indian superstar Hrithik Roshan as its Brand Ambassador for the second year in a row. This enduring partnership underlines Hrithik’s unwavering trust in itel and his seamless resonance with the brand’s ethos and future endeavors. The association with Hrithik Roshan epitomizes itel’s commitment to daring innovation, particularly catering to the vibrant young demographic. With the launch of dynamic, stylish, and powerful smartphones, itel aims to embody the spirit of #DareToDoit, resonating strongly with the aspirations of today’s youth by being a Darer than just a Doer!

Since joining forces with Hrithik Roshan, itel has embarked on a transformative journey, achieving significant milestones in its product offerings. This includes venturing into new market segments such as the Sub 15K category, strengthening its presence in the sub-10K segment with the introduction of the most affordable 5G smartphone, and unveiling the highly anticipated Power series with segment-first features.

Reinforcing the #DareToDoit positioning of itel, this collaboration will craft a compelling product narrative for consumers w.r.t the A, P, and S series.  The ‘A Series’, aka the Awesome Series, will inspire consumers to #ToDoMore by enhancing their experiences with superior RAM and ROM features. The P series, representing Power, will empower consumers to #BePowerful with its robust fast charging and extended battery capabilities. Meanwhile, the S series, or the Super Series, will entice consumers to #BeBold and stylish, boasting superior camera quality, sleek design, and innovative ID.

Speaking on his association with itel Mobile India, Hrithik Roshan said, “I’m thrilled to continue my journey with itel Mobile India as their Brand Ambassador. It’s been an incredible partnership so far, and I’m excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.”

Hrithik Roshan’s nationwide popularity perfectly aligns with itel’s vision to democratize access to stylish and powerful products for the young population. This continued association with Hrithik not only signifies a reiteration of trust but also marks a strategic alignment with itel’s future strategies and brand values.

Commenting on the enduring collaboration, Mr. Arijeet Talapatra, CEO of itel India, said We are thrilled to continue our journey with Hrithik Roshan as the brand ambassador for itel. His charismatic appeal and mass influence would enable itel to reach new heights, fulfilling the aspirations of New India and solidifying our position as a leader in the sub-10K smartphone market. itel Mobile India remains steadfast in its commitment to innovation, empowerment, and connectivity, as it continues to redefine the mobile landscape in India with Hrithik Roshan as its trusted Brand Ambassador.”