Dr.D. Y Patil College of Education Pimpri, M.Ed. Alumni meeting of the department is full of enthusiasm

Pimpri – Dr. DY Patil Unitech Society Dr. DY Patil College of Education (B.Ed.M.Ed.) Pimpri Pune M.Ed. A friendly meeting of the former students of the department was organized recently. For this gathering, Dr. DY Patil Unitech Society President Dr.P. D. Patil and Dr. DY Patil Unitech Society Secretary Dr. Somnath P. With the inspiration of Patil sir and the principal of the college Dr. This program was conducted under the guidance of Rekha Pathak. M. Ed.Alumni from all the completed batches participated in the programme. Old memories were brought to light by students and teachers through the presentation of their experience by former students.

The program started with Saraswati Vandana. Dr.Rekha Pathak, the principal of the program, made the introduction in the college Ph.D. He informed about the opening of research center and research facility department. College Principal Dr. Rekha Pathak felicitated and welcomed dignitaries and former students by giving Tulsi saplings. Also, as a token of appreciation, all prominent alumni were honored with mementos and Distinguished Alumni Certificates. Prominent Alumni Saroj Raman, Sonali Balvatkar, Priyanka Telore, Farjana Shaikh, Sonali Mapuskar and Anuradha Kalokhe interacted with all, M.Ed. Experience while studying, his current place of work, M.Ed. Importance of and how M.Ed education has been used for professional growth in current work. Alumni also interacted with alumni and gave motivational speeches on higher education and job preparation. Prof. to make this event enjoyable. Dr. Karan Bhise hosted the game “Knock Knock: Out-Out”. All alumni enjoyed the game. Assistant Professor Kiran Khot, (Head of Alumni Meet) addressed the students and wished them success in the future. Dr. Urmila Vyavaye concluded the program and gave a vote of thanks.