Holi-Proof Your Hair

Embracing vibrant festivities like Holi or experimenting with new hair colours can be an exhilarating
way to showcase your personality. Yet, it’s essential to be mindful of the impact such activities can
have on your hair’s health. Post-celebration, you might find your hair feeling a tad drier than usual.
The colours used during these festivities can potentially damage your hair due to their chemical
composition. But fret not! With proper pre- and post-care, you can revive your hair’s natural lustre
and vitality. By pampering your hair with nourishing deep conditioning treatments and using gentle
products, you can ensure that your locks stay healthy and radiant long after the colourful festivities.
Shailesh Moolya, National Technical Head at Godrej Professional, shares the perfect pre and post-
Holi hair care routine just for you.
Pre Holi-Hair Care Tips 

Use a leave-in oil
:  Before playing Holi, apply a generous amount of leave -in oil to your hair.
This will create a barrier between your hair and the colours, making it easier to wash out the
colours later. The Keracare Macadamia Oil helps to transform your hair into soft, smooth
and shiny tresses.
Tie your hair:  Tie your hair up in a bun or a braid to prevent it from getting tangled or
damaged during the festivities.
Wear a hair cover:  Cover your hair with a scarf, bandana or a hat to protect it from the
harmful effects of the colours.

Post Holi Hair Care Tips 

Rinse your hair with cold water:
  After playing with colours, rinse your hair as soon as
possible to remove the pigments. Cold water helps to remove the colour particles without
stripping the natural oils from your hair. Make sure to use a mild shampoo to avoid further
damage to your hair.

Avoid heat styling:  Avoid heat styling tools like blow dryers and straighteners immediately
after playing Holi. This can further damage your hair.

Hydrate with a shampoo: Not just any shampoo but your post Holi hair care routine should
have hydrating ingredients to combat the dryness caused by the colours, like the Probio
Honey Moisture Shampoo at least thrice a week to cleanse your scalp and provide intense
hydration to your strands.
Moisturise with mask: After washing your hair with a hydrating shampoo, the next step is to
pamper it with a mask that seals the moisture in your locks for a longer period of time. My
recommendation would be using a Honey infused mask as Honey has amazing benefits for
your scalp and hair which include being an effective cleanser since it is a host of
antimicrobial properties.

Holi, the festival of colours, is a joyous occasion filled with excitement and vibrancy, but it can take a
toll on your hair. In conclusion, Shailesh’s expert tips on safeguarding your hair from Holi colors will
undoubtedly shield your locks and mitigate any potential damage caused by the hues. So, worry not,
just immerse yourself in the spirit of Holi! Here’s to a safe and delightful celebration filled with
colours and laughter!