TalentSprint announces the launch of the 6th cohort of its Women Engineers Program, supported by Google

  • 200 selected students will receive 100% scholarship covering program fee, along with a rewarding cash scholarship of Rs. 100,000
  • 2-year program will empower deserving first-year women engineering students to become world-class software engineers

Pune, 13 January 2024: TalentSprint, a global edtech company and market leader in offering transformational deeptech programs, is making significant progress to democratize access to quality education and premium career opportunities with leading tech companies. To create a level playing field in the tech landscape and align with their core philosophy of catalysing DEI missions of global corporations, TalentSprint has announced the launch of the sixth cohort of its Women Engineers (WE) program, supported by Google.  The 6th cohort will offer 200 seats to first-year women engineering students from different strata of socio economic background across the country. The program entails a 100% scholarship that covers program fee, and an additional rewarding cash scholarship of Rs. 100,000.

The Women Engineers Program has been encouraging and supporting women pursuing careers in engineering, a field where gender diversity is traditionally underrepresented. By providing financial assistance and unique opportunities, the program seeks to empower aspiring and deserving women engineers to achieve their academic and professional goals. Beyond financial support, selected students will gain access to a range of benefits, including mentorship programs with google engineers, bootcamps, access to networking events and potential career opportunities to help young women engineers build a strong foundation for their future tech careers.

Google has been a part of the WE program since the inception. This is seamlessly aligned with its mission to empower, enable, and involve women in all facets of technology through targeted initiatives. The WE program is one such initiative that offers a transformative opportunity for young women students who aspire for highly impactful and rewarding tech careers.

Commenting on the announcement Shiv Venkataraman, VP/GM, Google said “An inclusive and representative technology ecosystem is now more important than ever before, as the experiences of people across the world are increasingly influenced by its innovations and advancements. We are pleased to support TalentSprint for Women Engineers Program as it addresses this industry-wide imperative, in the process bridging the gender gap while also ensuring that diversity of experiences and viewpoints shape the future of technology. We look forward to the change this next generation of engineers and leaders will bring, unleashing their potential to solve for a brighter and better future for everyone.”

Dr. Santanu Paul, Founding CEO and MD of TalentSprint, said, “At TalentSprint we believe in the transformative power of education and the Women Engineers Program affirms our commitment to breaking down barriers. Our goal is to help aspiring women engineers succeed by providing necessary resources and opportunities.  In the fast-paced world of technology and innovation, we are shaping a future which will be gender neutral and no longer a barrier but a source of strength. We are excited to expand our collaboration with Google and continue to bridge the gender gap in the tech industry. The WE program is a testament to true democratization of education and signaling the end of an era in which pedigreed college education entitled students to a lifetime of privileges.”

In its five previous cohorts, the program has positively impacted over 950 students selected from over 100,000 applicants. The program today has a self-sustaining community of women engineers who have launched premium careers with top global multinationals across the globe. Mentored by TalentSprint and Google alike, these students have also participated in global hackathons, pursued internships with top tech organizations and masters programs at top universities.

The last date to apply for Cohort 6 is January 18th, 2024. For more information about the program, visit the website: we.talentsprint.com