‘We2’ is a blast on IMDB with a 9.7 rating!


Pune  4  January  2023  : Some films come without any hype and dominate the hearts of the audience. Everyone rushes to watch such movies. The film ‘We2’, which left a mark of Marathi in the digital world, has also managed to attract the attention of the entire entertainment world along with the fans. The film ‘We2’ has been given a rating of 9.7 on IMDB, a leading website that rates works of art by measuring the scale of fans preferences. Therefore, the film ‘We2’ is currently being discussed everywhere. The team of this film is showered with praises through social media.

‘We2’ is a 55-minutes web film. The film was released on Amazon Prime two weeks ago. The audience in UK, US, Japan and Germany appreciated the film a lot after watching it. The film has also released in India on MX Player last week. With a 9.7 rating on IMDB, the entire team is excited. The team of We2 is thankful for the appreciation from the audience. We2 is directed by experienced DOP Bunty Deshpande.

Along with Prashant Patil and Bageshree Deshpande in the lead roles, the film also stars Sohan Nandoordikar, Leena Nandi. Regarding ‘We2’, Prashant said that ‘We2’ is a film about relationships. Love is not only receiving, but giving or sacrificing is also a form of love. In short, different layers of love have been revealed in this film. This is the story of a loving couple who have been married for 10 years. The movie reveals why they ended up getting divorced after being together for so many years. We have tried to put what we are seeing in relationships these days generally in ‘We2’.

In this era where the rate of separation has increased a lot, this film shows the way to understand the partner while making decisions. The climax is very nice. When you understand the reason for the divorce between these two, you realize how much they love each other. Set in an urban setting, the film is based on two main characters, Roshan and Reva, who work in the advertising industry. There is a valuable message hidden, that if you have open hearted communication with your partner, many problems in married life as well as in business life will be solved. In the hustle of daily life, miscommunications with the partner are taking place, which must be avoided.

Cinematographer Bunty Deshpande has directed a movie for the first time on the occasion of ‘We2’. Prashant has played an important role on two important fronts namely singing and acting. Along with the lead role, Prashant has also sung in this film. Prashant has sung a duet with Anandi Joshi and has sung two solo songs in Marathi and Hindi. All the songs in this movie are getting great response from music lovers. Prashant has previously directed the popular Marathi film ‘Pinddaan’. Apart from this, Prashant and Bunty have also done a Hindi web series for MX Player. This is Prashant and Bunty’s first film after the lockdown and has created a storm in the digital world.