The Lexicon Academy for Personal and Fitness Training Kettlebell Workshop paves the way towards honing Fitness!


Pune, March 8, 2023: The Lexicon Academy for Personal and Fitness Training recently organized a kettlebell training workshop at Multifit, Wadgaon Sheri, that garnered a phenomenal response from the participants, resulting in the resounding success of the workshop conducted.

It was an intensive and immersive two-hour kettlebell workshop that incorporated dynamic and effective techniques and the usage of kettlebells in the fitness arena for the participants.

The workshop was led by Mr. Siddharth Sarpotdar, a Gold Medalist at the IUKL World Kettlebell Championship 2022. He successfully conducted the workshop sharing relevant insights on how to leverage their fitness levels and goals by learning more about the origin of kettlebell sports and its different types of lifts, fostering an improved kettlebell training experience.

The participants underwent a warm-up routine that consisted of a mild cardio warm-up, full-body movement-based drills, and core and stabilizer activation drills. “The Kettlebell workshop provided the participants with a fantastic opportunity to learn directly from a master.

The aim of this workshop was to provide the participants with the technical understanding of Kettlebell exercises benefit the body and how they can be leveraged to meet personal fitness goals.

The session was great and Mr. Sarpotdar led it fantastically. One could witness the enthusiasm and zeal of the participants when going through the practical training and that was a clear indication that the event was greatly successful.”

said Mr. Pravin Prasad, Head of Academic Department, The Lexicon Academy for Personal & Fitness Training, Pune

This workshop provided hands-on experience to fitness enthusiasts, allowing them to learn the introductory kettlebell movements and the correct execution of the kettlebell exercises. It entailed a bevy of workouts like Goblet Hold Walk, Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift, Suitcase Walking Lunge, Kettlebell One Arm Row, Push Ups, Goblet Overhead Press, Double Hand Swing, and Russian Twist, single kettlebell farmer’s walk, kettlebell rack hold squat, double kettlebell sumo deadlift.

The participants enthusiastically discussed the advantages of kettlebell exercises and how they help enhance their general health and well-being.

“There are incredible advantages to including kettlebell exercises in your activity routine. They help develop the core, balance, flexibility, and improve the overall strength.

With this workshop we sought to share the benefits of the exercise with the attendees, introduce them to the basics and teach them the various ways in which they can include these in their exercise routine with live demonstrations.

The workshop was a great success and the attendees enjoyed themselves thoroughly.” Said Mr. Fauzan Shaikh, Manager – Program Development and Student Acquisition, The Lexicon Academy for Personal & Fitness Training.

The fitness trainer of the workshop was lauded for giving tailor-made guidance and attention to each participant, keeping in mind their unique pace and current competence.