Talented students from Lexicon Kids participated in an intra school football league.


Pune : The young and talented students of Lexicon Kids participated in an intra-school football league.Students from the various Lexicon Kids branches from across the city participated in the thrilling sports event. The atmosphere was full of electrifying energy and a winning mindset as the various teams competed against each other.

Sports and physical activities play a vital role in the growth and development of young children and introducing sports at a young age benefits students both physically and mentally. The pre-school introduced the students to the game of football to encourage their participation in physical activities and sports and also to help develop their interest in sports. Through this event the institute helped the students learn about and acquire vital skills such as team work, collaboration, sportsman spirit whileenhancing their emotional intelligence. Other than these skills, such activities also create lasting social experiences they canlearn from helping shape them into well-rounded future citizens.

The football league had over 8 branches participating and the final was witnessed between Lexicon Kids Dhanori and Lexicon Kids Kharadi. All the students participated with enthusiasm and played with great confidence giving a healthy competition to their peers. The students of Lexicon Kids, Dhanori, put up a fantastic performanceand emerged as the proud winners.

Lexicon Kids has and continues to organize such events for their students in order to ensure they have access to all kinds of opportunities to grow, learn and excel in every aspect. Initiatives such as these are a result of their focus on the 360 degree development of the students.“We witnessed brilliant attributes of confidence and collaboration in our students. They thoroughly enjoyed the game and the participation was very enthusiastic. It was a joy to see such young children playing with a healthy competitive spirit. We hope to extend this sportive spirit by coming up with an inter-school league in the future” says, Ms Aditi Thakker, Head, Principal- Lexicon Kids.

The league also witnessed commendable spirit and talented sportsmanship in these emerging football stars. The institute has plans in the future to introduce an inter-school football league to encourage their superstars to continue exploring their interests and expanding their horizons.