Suryadatta will provide guidance & support to succeed the startups

Pune: Suryadatta will provide guidance & support to succeed the startups   – “If the dream of a self-reliant India is to be realized, startups must succeed. For that, along with financial investment, it is necessary to have a capable mindset to solve various problems and meet challenges. So follow micro planning, positive and strategic mindset, alternative routes,” this advice was given by Prof. Dr Sanjay B. Chordiya, Founder President of Suryadatta Education Foundation & Sunil Parekh, International Success Coach and Human Potential Expert. Suryadatta has set up a Centre for Incubating Start-Ups for Atmanirbhar Bharat. This initiative will be implemented under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya, who has more than 40 years of experience in education, industry, social, health etc.
Sunil Parekh and Prof. Dr. Sanjay B. Chordia were speaking at a program organized on ‘Cultivating Success: Mindset Shifts and Strategies for Assured Success for Startups’ by the Suryadatta Education Foundation’s Suryadatta Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center of Excellence (SIICE). Suryadatta Education Foundation’s Vice President Sushama Chordiya, Associate Vice President Snehal Navalakha, and Chief Operating Officer Akshit Kushal were present at the occasion. Suryadatta announced that they have set up a Suryadatta Centre for Incubating Start-Ups for Atmanirbhar Bharat. Various programs will be organized in a month regularly through this center.
Sunil Parekh said, “While starting a new industry or business, even if the necessary things are available, it is necessary to have a competent and positive mindset to face the new challenges. So it will be possible to overcome various difficulties, which is one way to be successful. Along with this, there is a need to emphasize new concepts and take necessary measures. This requires mental management and it is important to have a clear direction of work and no fear in mind. To guide in this regard, a special session on Mind Management and Positive Attitude has been organized from 25th to 29th September. In this, information will be given on how to work in a difficult situation and how to control the situation. This session online class will be held every morning from 6 to 7 a.m.”
Prof. Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya said, “Nowadays, the number of start-ups is increasing but it is observed that their success rate can be improved by improving the mindset of the young entrepreneurs & their attitude. The success rate may not be as expected due to various parameters such as geo-political factors, economic status, lack of proper guidance, poor strategies, and huge investments. In view of this, the Suryadatta Centre for Incubating Start-Ups for Atmanirbhar Bharat & Suryadatta Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre of Excellence (SIICE) has decided to conduct monthly conclave to consistently give back up to the emerging startups so that the timely guidance helps them to take proper corrective action & succeed in their ventures. These edu-socio start-up initiatives through mindset shifts & strategies will lead to assured success.
“For the last 25 years, Suryadatta Educational Institute has been emphasizing imparting employment-oriented, entrepreneurial education for holistic development. Many students of Suryadatta Institute are successfully running businesses today. This center and Sunil Parekh’s guidance will be helpful in encouraging youth for entrepreneurship and guiding them properly to transform their start-ups into successful enterprises. The work of giving speed and direction to the start-up of the students will be done on behalf of ‘Surya Dutt’. For this, experts in various fields, successful startup founders, and tried persons will be invited and guided. Starting from school life, students will be given startup lessons in Suryadatta,” he added.
A few tips for success the start-ups
– Willingness to develop innovative ideas
– Should have a strong and positive mindset
– Preparation of honest hard work, meticulous planning, and morals are required
– Decision should be made by self-examination without comparison with others
– Take expert guidance, don’t prioritize more investment
– Start on an experimental basis and then scale it up
– Get deep knowledge from the research and development department
– There is an opportunity to start a startup in various fields
– You should study the market and choose it
– There should be proper study of investment, loan
– Maintain legal recognition, transparency and clarity
– Obtain competitive information, prepare project reports, and work accordingly
– Financial audit and review of startup work should be done regularly