S. S. Nagarkar Jewelers presents Shree Rukmini Collection

Shree Rukmini Collection by Nagarkar Jewelers Pune

Pune  : With a rich tradition of 50 years, S. S. Nagarkar Jewelers presents the Sri Rukmini collection based on mythological silhouettes inspired by the spiritual ideas and design methodology of the idol of Maharashtra, Sri Vitthal Rukmini Murthy, for the traditional jewelery lovers.

Rukmini Collection includes Putlihar, Masoli, Bajuband, Mangalsutra, Lakshmi Har, Chandrahar Ranihar, Various Bangles, Jhumka Nath, Nathni etc. These jewelery designs are designed keeping in mind the love of traditional jewellery. The collection was unveiled at a press conference by S. S. The directors of Nagarkar Jewelers are Prasad Nagarkar, Vasant Nagarkar, Pushkar Nagarkar and S. S. Nagarkar shops are available for customers.

Speaking on the occasion, Prasad Nagarkar said that through SS Nagarkar Jewellers, we were making jewelery for traditional jewelery fans inspired by the spiritual ideas and design methodology of temples and idols in Chennai, Kerala, Karnataka.

Shree Rukmini Collection by Nagarkar Jewelers Pune

Now along with this, to preserve the culture and tradition of Maharashtra, a new collection has been brought to the customers for the first time through Shree Rukmini Collection, inspired by the temple and idols of Maharashtra’s deity Shri Vitthal Rukmini temple and idols from 800 to 1200. Tried to preserve.

Vasant Nagarkar said, “We had to study various photographs and temples for about seven years before presenting the Shree Rukmini collection. After that traditional jewelery has been created under Shree Rukmini Collection and from 25 grams to 250 grams to customers only at S. S. Available at Nagarkar Jewellers.Our experienced artisans have created Putlihar, Masolia, Bajuband, Mangalsutra, Lakshmi Haar, Chandrahar Ranihar, various Bangles, Jhumkas, Naths, Nathanis in traditional jewelery using rubies, emeralds, diamonds, polki diamonds, etc. Interestingly, the Shree Rukmini collection will be available for customers for just two months. Also, if anyone wants to make jewelery through mythological photographs, they will be made.