Pune Awakens to Giant ‘Unlock’, ‘Download’, and ‘Search’ Buttons Discovered in Garbage Dumps: What Is the City Trying to Communicate?


Pune woke up to a surprising discovery this morning as giant ‘Unlock’, ‘Download’, and ‘Search’ buttons emerged amidst the garbage dumps scattered near Swargate bus stop, Shivajinagar bus terminal, Garware College in Kothrud, etc. This intriguing development has left residents and observers wondering about the underlying message or communication that Pune is trying to convey. This is two days after something similar was witnessed in the IT city of Bengaluru.

Residents of the city are intrigued and filled with anticipation by the juxtaposition of these buttons against the backdrop of garbage dumps.

Social media platforms are buzzing with debates as individuals exchange ideas and speculations regarding the importance and meaning of these peculiar buttons. It is worth mentioning that terms such as ‘download’, ‘unlock’ and ‘search’ are quite integral in the world of internet and mobile technology.

Punekars are eagerly waiting for the mystery to unfold as this unusual arrangement of buttons has definitely ignited curiosity. Does it represent a fresh method to free ourselves from screens? Pune’s intriguing plan has sparked interest, conversations and speculation regarding the technological future of the city and the entire country.