JOY Personal Care Empowers Acid Attack Survivors with #JustEmpowerOne Initiative


Mumbai, 10 January, 2023: Joy Personal Care, a homegrown, Indian Personal Care brand under the aegis of RSH Global Private Limited, announced the launch of ‘#JustEmpowerOne’, initiative, that will raise funds to positively impact the economic condition of acid attack survivors. Conceptualized with empathy at its core, the initiative aims to bring forth the challenges of woman acid attack survivors to the world. With this initiative, the brand will donate Rupee 1 for each support showcase on the microsite.

Acid attacks are all time high in India and are rising year after year, with 250–300 cases reported each year, whereas the actual number could exceed 1,000, according to Acid Survivor’s Trust International. An acid attack survivor, post the incident faces physical, psychological, social and economic adversities. Hence, as a first step towards solidarity, Joy hired Pampa Das, an acid attack survivor as an executive for its ecommerce department. The purpose of this initiative is to support women in need and inspire other organizations to come on board.

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The brand aspires to inspire empathy in society and encourage people to show support towards the larger cause. Audiences can contribute to the cause simply by clicking on a support button on a microsite created for the campaign. With this initiative, the brand will ensure Rupee 1 is donated for every click. For this, the company partnered with ‘Atijeevan Foundation’ to interact with and understand the needs of acid attack victims and significantly impact their lives. The total fund collected through the campaign will be handed over to Atijeevan Foundation who in turn will utilise it for education or for setting up small businesses for acid attack survivors.

Sunil Agarwal, Chairman, RSH Global said, “As a home grown brand, Joy Personal Care is committed not only to providing products for hyper-sensitive skin, but also to go above and beyond to make our people’s life easier. Acid attacks are a serious concern in our country, and we are steadfast on undertaking efforts to eliminate as many of their struggles as we can. We are happy to announce our ‘Just Empower One’ campaign, an initiative that aims to lay emphasis on the challenges faced by acid attack survivor & empower them by providing employment, education, or ensuring their financial stability.

Poulomi Roy, Chief Marketing officer, RSH Global said, “Our aim is to make a difference and contribute towards the lives of acid attack survivors and help them pursue a dignified livelihood. At Joy, we truly believe that gender equality and empowerment of women lie at the core of our brand’s existence and with this campaign we aim to create a positive impact for acid attack survivors. We are committed to ensure that the issue is noticed, and supported by as many people as possible. We stand united to eradicate any stigma related to such unfortunate incidents. We as an organisation have hired one acid attack victim, and aim to make sizeable donations to impact lives of many more. We purposefully encourage other organizations to do the same.”

Pampa Das said, “I appreciate Joy’s vision and am thrilled to be working with the organization. I am happy that they are giving this issue a voice and I am glad to see the campaign garnering support from across the country. I wish everyone would do their part in accepting and empowering those in need. The world would be a better place for it.”