Jivika Healthcare launches Jivika Sampoorna Teekakaran Yojana (JSTY) to bridge India’s vaccination gap


Actress Alka Kubal, the iconic face of “Maherchi Sadi” joins the cause

Pune, 22 August 2023 :Jivika Healthcare, a social enterprise dedicated to building affordable, accessible and equitable healthcare systems at grassroots levels, today announced the launch of its new initiative, Jivika Sampoorna Teekakaran Yojana (JSTY) – dedicated to ensuring complete immunization of children by providing vaccines not covered under the Government Immunization Program, at a highly subsidized cost. This pioneering project will focus on administering crucial vaccines against five vaccine-preventable diseases namely, Typhoid, Hepatitis-A, Influenza, Meningococcal and Chicken Pox, to children up to 9 years of age.

The introduction of Jivika Sampoorna Teekakaran Yojana (JSTY) will be a major advancement in the fight against these illnesses at the community level, helping protect lives and the future of children and thus reducing the serious risks to their physical and mental development. Through this initiative, Jivika Healthcare is the 1st of its kind private healthcare service provider dedicated to supporting the government’s vaccination campaign by ensuring parents first prioritize free government vaccinations and then access these affordable additional vaccines not currently available at Govt facilities by registering their child to JSTY. The expressed aim is to enhance overall immunization penetration while offering much-needed financial support through interest-free monthly installments. The initiative will kick off from Pune’s Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation, Maharashtra marking Jivika Healthcare’s first step towards transforming broad-spectrum vaccination accessibility. With Maharashtra’s largest private vaccination chain, Jivika Healthcare has introduced 100 Vaccination Clinics in Pune, providing easy access to vaccinations for families and communities. Moving forward with a well-thought-out expansion plan, the program is poised to scale up and encompass other regions within the state and across the country.

Adding impetus to the Jivika Sampooran Teekakaran Yojana’s mission, Marathi cinema veteran actress Ms Alka Kubal has joined as the face and voice of the campaign to spread awareness of this important initiative. As an influential figure, her involvement amplifies the message of the importance of vaccination, resonating with the organization’s unwavering commitment to leaving no child behind.

Expressing her enthusiasm for this noble cause, Alka Kubal shared, “I am deeply honored to be part of the Jivika Sampooran Teekakaran Yojana. Every child deserves access to life-saving vaccinations, and it is our collective responsibility to ensure they receive proper protection against preventable diseases. I am determined to contribute my voice and efforts to spread the message far and wide.

“Jivika Sampooran Teekakaran Yojana is our commitment to support and complement government efforts in fostering the health of children, our most vulnerable citizens,” stated Mr Jignesh Patel, Founder & CEO of Jivika Healthcare. He added, “The Government of India’s Universal Immunization Program (UIP) has been instrumental in providing essential vaccines to all citizens. However, there are still a few diseases that remain uncovered, leaving infants and children vulnerable to potential health risks. Our service initiative under JSTY seeks to bridge this gap by providing additional vaccines, not yet covered under UIP.  Bolstered by Ms Alka Kubal’s passionate support, we have now gained a powerful advocate. Together with her and the collective efforts of all, we can create a society where no child is left unprotected, and every life is nurtured and cherished. ”

Jivika Healthcare’s JSTY program partners with local practitioners to provide additional vaccinations to underserved communities. The program promotes a disease-resistant environment for children and is currently operating in Pune’s PCMC region. For easy access, a hotline number 9503047860 is available to the public.