Gravittus Foundation donated incinerator machine to the Poona school & home for blind girls, Kothrud


Pune : Menstruation is not openly talked about even today. but awareness to be made about menstrual health & hygiene. Proper use of sanitary pads and their disposal after use is essential. This incinerator machine will be useful for the decomposition of sanitary pads, says Usha Kakade, founder of Gravittus Foundation.

Usha Kakade was speaking at the Poona school & home for blind girls, Kothrud while handing over the incinerator machine. Gravittus Foundation donated this machine with the help of Jagruti Foundation. Swanandi Rath-Deshmukh of Jagruti Foundation, Trupti Pimpalkar of Nevex, Dr. Purva Ketkar counsellor and Damodar Sargam, principal of the school were present on the occasion.

Usha Kakade said, mental beauty is more important than physical beauty. The Poona blind school is doing commendable work for these blind girls. A sincere effort and good work leads to success in any field. Through the foundation, we are working for the health and safety of women and children. More than five lakh students have been trained so far through the ‘Good Touch Bad Touch’ project.

Swanandi Rath-Deshmukh mentioned that Jagruti Foundation is working for the menstrual health amongst the teenage girls and women. So far, 14 thousand girls with disabilities have been given awareness about menstruation, as well as sanitary pads. This activity will be important for these blind girls to get a clean and healthy environment during menstruation.”

Dr. Purva Ketkar guided girls about menstrual health hygiene. Trupti Pimpalkar explained how to use an incinerator machine and gave a demonstration. Savita Waghmare gave a welcome address. Damodar Sargam expressed his gratitude towards both the organizations.