Five-star effort by Brian; Loyola H.S score at will 


Pune , 28  November  2022  : Hosts Loyola High School were in full form as they scored at will and won all their matches in the Loyola Football Cup powered by Tata Autocomp at the Loyola H.S ground, Pashan here on Monday.

The tournament, organised by the Ex Loyola Students Network (ELAN) and Loyola High School, Pune, saw the hosts net 29 goals across the Under-12, 14 and 16 sections they played during the day.

Amidst a glut of goals, Brian D’Souza (5 goals) was a stand-out performer for Loyola Under-16s, which incidentally was the highest individual effort for the day. Among others to stand out were, Adiraj Singh (4 goals) and Parth Shinde (4 goals) for Loyola in the Under-12 and Under-14 sections respectively.

In the Under-12 section, Loyola H.S began the day downing Dr. Shyamrao Kalmadi H.S 7-0. Adiraj (8th, 20th, 30th, 34th) led the way and Anurag Parasnis (14th, 17th, 19th) doing well in support. In the other match, SSPMS (Boarding) held on to Swaraj Mane (34th) strike to pip St. Arnold’s Central School 1-0.

The Under-14 section recorded the highest win of the day after Loyola ran riot against Dr. Shyamrao Kalmadi H.S winning 13-0. Parth Shinde (38th, 42nd, 48th, 50th) did the star act and was supported by Shubham Chaudhary (11th, 20th), Param Kulkarni (16th, 26th, 31st), Arhan Shaikh (28th, 32nd), Ayush Chavan (30th) and Darsh Kasat (45th).

Later, St. Arnold’s Central School posted a 7-1 win over SSPMS (Boarding). Three goals by Arshan Siddibilal (19th, 22nd, 26th) and a goal each by Viraj Bajare (3rd), Arush Patil (36th), Atharva Shukla (41st), and Sanjeet Dias (48th) accounted for the tally. For SSPMS, Lokesh Sonawane (38th) pulled one back.

The Under-16 section, had Brian D’Sousa take center stage as Loyola H.S won 9-0 against Dr. Shyamrao Kalmadi H.S. Brian (10th, 20th, 23rd, 33rd, 58th) did the bulk of the scoring and Dhir Parmar (25th, 46th); Samyak Sassar (48th); Shlok Nimhan (59th) added to the tally. In the second match of the section, St. Arnold’s Central School posted a 7-2 win over SSPMS (Boarding).  Ashmit Kunnath (12th), Johan Vinod (14th, 44th, 48th), Tanishq Solse (29th), Ayush Sonawane (32nd, 46th) scored for the winners while Kushal Aher (23rd) and Atharva Aiwale (41st) netted for SSPMS.


Under 12: Loyola High School: 7 (Anurag Parasnis 14th, 17th, 19th; Adiraj Singh 8th, 20th, 30th, 34th) bt Dr. Shamrao Kalmadi HS: 0

SSPMS (Boarding): 1 (Swaraj Mane 34th) bt St. Arnold’s Central School: 0

Under 14: Loyola High School: 13 (Shubham Chaudhary 11th, 20th; Param Kulkarni 16th, 26th, 31st; Arhan Shaikh 28th, 32nd; Ayush Chavan 30th; Parth Shinde 38th, 42nd, 48th, 50th; Darsh Kasat 45th) bt Dr. Shamrao Kalmadi HS: 0

St. Arnold’s Central School: 7 (Viraj Bajare 3rd; Arshan Siddibilal 19th, 22nd, 26th; Arush Patil 36th; Atharva Shukla 41st; Sanjeet Dias 48th) bt SSPMS (Boarding): 1 (Lokesh Sonawane 38th)

Under 16: Loyola High School: 9 (Brian D’Souza 10th, 20th, 23rd, 33rd, 58th; Dhir Parmar 25th, 46th; Samyak Sassar 48th; Shlok Nimhan 59th) bt Dr. Shamrao Kalmadi HS: 0

St. Arnold’s Central School: 7 (Ashmit Kunnath 12th; Johan Vinod 14th, 44th, 48th; Tanishq Solse 29th; Ayush Sonawane 32nd, 46th) bt SSPMS (Boarding) 2: (Kushal Aher 23rd; Atharva Aiwale 41st).