FITTR announces Tanvi Malhara as the face of FITTR

FITTR announces Tanvi Malhara as the face of FITTR-Founder-and-CEO-FITTER-Jiten dra Chouksey

Pune, January 18, 2023: FITTR announces Tanvi Malhara as the face of  FITTR, India’s leading tech-enabled community-first health and fitness platform, recently announced the appointment of famous Indian television actor and model Tanvi Malhara as its new brand ambassador. As part of her new responsibilities, Tanvi will be the leading face of FITTR and actively promote fitness and a healthy lifestyle in society. Through this initiative, FITTR’s agenda is to highlight the community/ accountability/creation of a group of like-minded people so that they do better in life and inspire others to do the same.

FITTR announces Tanvi Malhara as the face of Fittr

  • The association will help FITTR to spread accurate information on health and nutrition through Tanvi’s positive image and highly influential personality
  • The young actor’s involvement will support the platform to flourish their commitment to making 50 million people fit and healthy through the constant guidance of the right coaches
  • Tanvi’s charming personality shall also spread the message of the relevance of staying fit and active in the Bollywood/entertainment industry 

The exclusive collaboration will enable the platform to spread the correct information on health and nutrition through Tanvi’s positive image, as the Indian masses immensely like her. The actor has been an active member of the FITTR community for a long time, much before this announcement, and is highly influential among Indian youths, as she won the Miss India Multinational Crown in 2019. Her popularity will therefore help FITTR reach a wider audience across the country.

Speaking of the achievement, Founder and CEO FITTR Jitendra Chouksey said, “We are thrilled to welcome Ms Tanvi Malhara to our most informative and engaging community of over 3 million fitness enthusiasts. Tanvi has secured a place in almost every Indian household owing to her successful career graph in the Indian television industry. Besides, she is an exceptional speaker and host who successfully hosted our noble initiative, FITTR Street, in 2021, aiming to spread awareness about incorporating a healthy lifestyle into our daily routine. So with her involvement, we hope to stay true to our mission of making 50 million people fit with the support of internationally certified coaches at every step of the journey. Our partnership with a charming personality like Tanvi would surely push this message forward in the entertainment / Bollywood industry to stay fit and active.”

Commenting on the association with the platform, the young Indian television actor and model Tanvi Malhara said, “Fitness plays a vital role in my life. I regard maintaining good health and practising workouts as part of my daily lifestyle rather than a choice, just like working, eating, and sleeping. Regarding our collaboration, I have been involved with the FITTR platform for quite some time, as I hosted its FITTR Street campaign across several Indian cities last year, which achieved unparalleled success in motivating people to exercise daily. And when the FITTR team approached me to become the brand’s face and promote a fitter and more active lifestyle among the Indians, there was no chance of missing out on the noble opportunity. I am glad to be a part of a brand which always goes the extra mile to help people accomplish their holistic transformation and stay healthy.”

FITTR aims to present a fitter world for every human being by offering customised diet and workout plans with the support of 700+ expert coaches. What stands the platform apart from the other players in the market is that FITTR has opted for science-backed methods and a personalised, result-driven, and sustainable approach to help people achieve a fitter body and a healthy and happier mind.


FITTR announces Tanvi Malhara as the face of Fittr
FITTR is a leading tech-enabled community-first, health and fitness platform that connects millions of users with hundreds of INFS certified coaches around the world to help them lead a healthy and fit life. FITTR provides a single platform that helps consumers with all their fitness requirements- from finding the right diet plan, coaches, BMR / MACRO calculator/ Body fat calculator, 1RM Calculator to INFS certified coaches. FITTR is a safe and judgement free platform propelling learning, transformation, inspiration, and exploration of career opportunities in fitness, backed by a scientific approach to nutrition and exercising.

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