Eze Perfumes host exclusive event of scent and sound with SlowCheeta in Pune


Pune, August 2023 : Eze Perfumes, the first D2C perfume from Sawai Fragrance, the leading manufacturer of fragrance elements, unveiled its first offline launch event in collaboration with the sensational rapper, SlowCheeta. This unprecedented event for a perfume brand took place on August 19th in Pune, marking an exciting chapter in the brand’s journey as it fused the realms of scent and sound in a unique and immersive experience.

The event featured a live performance by SlowCheeta, who not only captivated the audience with his electrifying stage presence but also presented the Eze Anthem song. A fusion of artistry, emotion, and creativity, the anthem celebrated the essence of the brand and its core values – it aligned with the younger generation’s desire to showcase their uniqueness, as they are recognized for their intolerance towards stereotypes and a preference for unfettered exploration of life beyond boundaries.

The lyrics of the song, Wear Your Eze, in the popular rapper’s resonating voice, embodied the brand’s Gen-Zers’ spirit of ‘chalna hai aage bas badhna hai’. Catchy beats and perceptive verses, such as ‘Salaam ya namaste, kya farak hai mere dost? Yeh division me hai oppression, but together we are a force,’ came together to provide a sensory masterpiece that harmoniously connected the realms of delightful fragrances and melodious euphony.

Talking about the brand launch in Pune, Mrs. Kanishka Jain, Director Incredible Indriya (the B2C vertical of Sawai Fragrances) says, “Our collaboration with SlowCheeta has been striking all the right chords since our initial digital campaign earlier this year. However, the live event in Pune exceeded all expectations, as it flawlessly wove together the realms of fragrance and music, pushing the boundaries of self-expression. This partnership is a testament to our unwavering commitment to celebrating individuality and embracing the limitless possibilities of artistic exploration.”

SlowCheeta adds, “I’m elated by the audience’s response to my Eze Anthem performance. In fact, I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to contribute to this song that celebrates the embracing of our authentic selves, so observing the genuine and heartfelt reactions from the audience to it was incredibly inspiring. This collaboration has been remarkable, and I’m excited for the audience to finally experience the song.”

The initial collaboration of Eze Perfume and new-age rapper SlowCheeta during the digital campaign has significantly set the brand apart from competitors, thus firmly establishing its potential as a leader in the fragrance industry.