Dog on Wheels : Milaap, Inali, Saahas give a second chance to disabled dogs

Dog on Wheels: Milaap, Inali, Saahas give a second chance to disabled dogs

Pune, 25 August 2023 : Milaap, a prominent crowdfunding platform in India, marked International Dog Day by organizing an event for the city’s rescued and injured dogs. PAWS, a branch of the Inali Foundation, dedicated to enhancing lives with prosthetic limbs, along with the Saahas For Animals Foundation that focuses on animal rescue were significant contributors of the initiative, where specially designed wheelchairs for handicapped and paralyzed dogs were distributed.

The event aimed at raising awareness on injured dog adoption, fostering compassion, and nurturing empathy for stray animals. By providing wheelchairs and enabling these dogs, Milaap reinforced the importance of kindness towards animals. The ‘never give up’ determination showcased by these animals exemplifies their resilience in overcoming life’s obstacles.

Anoj Viswanathan, President and Co-Founder of Milaap said, “We’re excited to be leading this remarkable endeavour that ensures a fresh start for the injured dogs. By distributing the wheelchairs we not only aimed to empower the brave dogs but also touch the hearts of everyone engaged and encourage more compassion for stray and impaired animals in the society.”

“I’m very happy to talk about this event as it’s going to not only help the animals with missing limbs, but will also create awareness for the community on how important it is to look at this section of our society as animals also need proper attention and care, and that’s the mission of Inali and PAWS, where we pledge for animal safety and welfare. I believe this earth is for all, not just for humans, let’s make it a happy place for every living creature. Let’s fix these cute and loving creatures by giving them these wheels.” said Prashant Gade, the founder of Inali Foundation, a non-profit enterprise that provides low-cost prosthetic limbs.

Dog on Wheels: Milaap, Inali, Saahas give a second chance to disabled dogs

Many of the dogs were abandoned by their owners following their unfortunate accidents, while others were once street dogs that met with tragic road accidents resulting in their disabilities. Luckily, these animals have found happiness under the care of compassionate animal rescuers. Specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of each dog, the wheelchairs are meticulously crafted to ensure maximum comfort and ease of mobility.

“I feel extremely elated to see that different organisations are coming together for this cause. There are way too many paralysed dogs and sometimes they feel left out when other dogs are playing around them. But wheels can bring hope and joy in their lives. The message that I would like to send across on International Dog Day would be – Dogs have every right to live comfortably just like we humans do and we should keep striving towards a future where health of all animals can be looked after.,” said Geetanjali Taur, Founder – Saahas For Animals Foundation,

In addition to receiving wheelchairs, the excited four-legged companions were equipped with reflective dog collars and other goodies to enhance their safety.

Inali Foundation is a non-profit organisation, offering cost-effective upper limb prosthetics to individuals and animals who have either lost them in accidents or were born without them. Saahas For Animals Foundation, on the other hand, is an animal welfare organisation and rescue centre, engaged in rescue missions, treatment promotion, adoptions, and various animal welfare initiatives.

Milaap is at the forefront of supporting animal causes, facilitating the acquisition of prosthetics and wheelchairs for disabled animals. The platform is a trusted name in crowdfunding, empowering users, donors, and beneficiaries to make a meaningful impact in the lives of these special creatures. Till date, over INR. 15cr. have been successfully raised on Milaap across 3,300+ campaigns dedicated to various animal causes