Avinash Patil accuses Sanatan in an attempt to cover the unethical face of ANiS ! – Sanatan Sanstha


Avinash Patil accuses Sanatan in an attempt to cover the unethical face of ANiS ! – Sanatan Sanstha

       Avinash Patil is trying to cover his own sins by falsely accusing Sanatan. Due to the financial scandals, the Maharashtra Andhashraddha Nirmulan Samiti (MANS) has been split and chaos has arisen in the organisation. Avinash Patil is scrambling to cover up his failure to take control of the organisation and the Trust. Avinash Patil is accusing Sanatan indiscriminately to divert the attention of the State and MANS activists from all this. If Avinash Patil had any sense of prudence, morality, principle, progressiveness before accusing Sanatan, he would have talked about why Rs. 28 lakhs were illegally given to the new Trust by the name of Vivek Jagar out of Rs. 52 lakhs collected by him on the occasion of the 30th Anniversary of MANS. The public must know why the financial scam of setting up a new Trust and diverting the funds was done. Why did Avinash Patil freeze ANiS’s bank account by forging the signatures of Prof. ND Patil who was then the President of ANiS ? What kind of ethics is this ?

      In an interview to a reputed news channel, Madhav Bavge of ANiS has exposed all this deceit. ANiS Trustee Deepak Girme has issued a legal notice to Avinash Patil over several types of financial irregularities. False accusations at Sanatan by a scam-tainted person like Avinash Patil is for saving his own skin, said Mr Chetan Rajhans (Spokesperson of Sanatan Sanstha).

      “People can be arrested only on reliable evidence that will stand the scrutiny of the Court or the investigative agencies. ANiS people, who call themselves rationalists and scientific, are not aware of these simple facts. This is why, while speaking in a program on Dr Dabholkar’s Memorial Day, Avinash Patil said, “Everyone knows the ideology of people who killed Dr Narendra Dabholkar. Still, why has Sanatan Sanstha President Jayant Athavale not been arrested ?”

          Avinash Patil has also alleged that the four murders – of Dabholkar, Pansare, Kalburgi and Gauri Lankesh – were committed by Sanatan Sanstha. ANiS is trying to pressurise the Judge through such statements while the case is in its final stages in the Court and no charges have been proved yet. However, the Court does not act on false accusations, but on the basis of evidence, Mr Rajhans added.