ALLEN Pune student Dhruv Shah secured Gold medal Historical achievement of Allen Pune

Dhruv Shah

Pune. ALLEN students have proved their excellence in the 53rd International Physics Olympiad (IPHO) 2023 held in Tokyo, Japan. ALLEN Pune Centre Head Arun Jain said that along with the medical and engineering entrance examinations, students of ALLEN Pune are proving their talent in Olympiads at the international level. Student Dhruv Shah has secured gold medal in IPHO-2023. Dhruv Shah is a student of class 12th. Even before this, Dhruv Shah had received Gold Medal in Asian Physics Olympiad and has also shown talent in many International Olympiads.

In the national results of IPHO, three students of ALLEN have received medals. Raghav Goyal of Class 12 and Rhythm Kedia of Class 11 won the Silver Medal along with Dhruv’s Gold Medal.

The IPHO finals took place in Tokyo, Japan from 10 to 17 July. Five students in Indian team participated in the final which included three students from ALLEN.