Altaf Sheikh’ debut in music direction from Hindi movie ‘Lori’!

Altaf Shaikh, who has written, directed and composed lyrics for many Marathi films, is now coming in front of the audience as a music director through the Hindi film ‘Lori’. He has not only given the music for this movie but he is also the lyricist. He has got the valuable support of Sudhir Kumar Hazeri in music direction. Legendary singers like Suresh Wadkar, Urmila Dhangar, Swapnil Bandodkar, Priyanka Barve and Anjali Gaikwad have sung the tunes.

Altaf Dadasaheb Sheikh’s ‘Veda B.F.’, which grossed a lot at the box office in 2018. The song ‘Durvesh Baba’ sung by famous singer Altaf Raja in this Marathi movie became very popular and that’s why this song was recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. After seeing the popularity of this song, producer Avinash Kavthankar and director Raju Revankar of the film ‘Lori’ gave Altaf Sheikh the responsibility of music direction. Deserving of their trust, the Shaikh has carried this Shiva bow as a lily.

The film ‘Lori’, produced by Sai Ram A Creative World, has a total of four songs. All the four songs are of different styles. Of course since the title is a lullaby, it has a lullaby song, a love song, an emotional song showing mother’s love and a joyous song. Altaf Shaikh expressed the opinion that while making such four different songs, place, time, time and role had to be considered, he further says that during the recording of the song in this movie, Suresh Wadkar remembered the singing style of Mohammad Rafi Saheb while recording the song. was

The story of this film, which combines Hindi and Marathi actors, is about the love and struggle of a mother and a daughter. There is no doubt that this movie will attract the male audience as well as the female audience.