Fujita and Neilsoft to strengthen Working Co-operation to grow their Pune-based BIM Center to a 300 persons team by 2027

Mumbai, 2024: Pune-based Neilsoft and Tokyo-based Fujita Corporation today announced plans to expand the scope of their co-operative working by agreeing to increase the size of their BIM Center in Pune, India to 300 persons from the current 90 persons team. This understanding not only signifies the growing acceptance and need for Building Information Modeling (BIM) Technology Services in the Engineering & Construction industry but also showcases the growing bilateral business relationships between Japan and India.

Mr. Yoji Okumura, Representative Director and President of Fujita Corporation said on the occasion “Having worked with Neilsoft over the past four years to overcome the language and cultural challenges that can sometimes slow progress, we are pleased to announce we are now committed to expanding the scope of the BIM Center in Neilsoft’s Pune Campus and making it a great success.  We are also expanding our co-operation efforts to include BIM in the Construction phase of the project lifecycle – building on our earlier progress in Design BIM (Architecture and Structure, MEP) and AI-assisted Configurator Software development.”

Mr. Ketan Bakshi, Chairman of Neilsoft said “With Fujita Corporation’s patience, efforts and commitment we have seen progress & some results. We now have the confidence that we can grow the BIM Center to 300 persons by 2027. We continue to evolve methods, templates & language translation tools plus training of our teams in Japanese Design/Construction practices to ensure high quality services. In technical co-operation with each other, Fujita and Neilsoft are also developing Scan2BIM solutions for Reality/Legacy-capture requirements and for improved Construction quality monitoring (to check variations) & progress tracking.”