Quote: World Earth Day 2024

At Embassy Group, prioritising environmental conservation and sustainability is ingrained in our company’s ethos. Our mission is to positively impact society by preserving and enhancing our environmental ecosystem. As Earth Day approaches, Embassy Group is focused on achieving harmony between our business practices and nature, in line with this year’s theme of ‘Planet vs. Plastics.’ We’re actively implementing eco-conscious measures such as embracing reusable water bottles and coffee cups, minimising single-use plastics and packaging, and embracing green transportation solutions. The idea is to help individuals understand how adopting a simple change in one’s life can have a huge positive impact on the natural environment. We strongly believe that collaboration is the key to revitalising our environment and transitioning to a green economy for all.

  • Since 2016, Embassy has collaborated with The Anonymous Indian Charitable Trust (TAICT) to tackle the irresponsible disposal of waste and environmental degradation in Bettahalasuru Panchayat, North Bengaluru. The area faced significant pollution issues, with 53 metric tonnes of waste being irresponsibly disposed of each month. To promote sustainable living practices and community engagement, we introduced the EcoGram initiative, striving to establish a replicable, environmentally friendly model gram panchayat. The programme now encompasses ten villages in the Bettalasuru Panchayat. Embassy built the EcoHub in 2022, which is an integrated solid waste management centre that benefits over 4,000 households.
  • The company also recycles over 100 tonnes of wet waste that is generated every month and converts it to over 30 tonnes of compost through vermicomposting and OWCs.
  • Through Embassy Services Pvt. Ltd. (ESPL), we measure, benchmark, invest, and sustain. Using technology and IoT, we understand both building and client requirements. We compare our property management services with global standards such as LEED, WELL, GRESB, and more to tailor our offerings accordingly. Then, we assess necessary investments, from renewable energy sourcing to energy-efficient systems, to ensure a sustainable property management approach.

For this year’s 55th anniversary, we aim to share with other businesses our learnings to create a culture of coherence and corporate sustainability to deepen our collective efforts towards saving our planet. Our agenda is to join hands with other corporate, government bodies, and NGOs to create a culture of collaboration and corporate sustainability.