Roadway Solutions India Infra Ltd (RSIIL) Secures Massive $120 Million Investment

Pune, 15 March 2024 : Roadway Solutions India Infra Ltd (RSIIL), a leading infrastructure company based in Pune has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the esteemed AG Dynamic Funds Limited for an investment of USD 120 Million. This strategic collaboration represents a significant milestone in RSIIL’s pursuit of its billion-dollar target. The investment raised will accelerate growth and strengthen RSIIL’s market presence. RSIIL has been at the forefront of delivering high-quality infrastructure solutions, with a focus on road construction and development.

AG Dynamic Funds Limited is an India-focused fund based out of Mauritius which invests in both primary (Pre-IPO & IPO) and secondary markets. This investment follows the successful completion of RSIIL’s commissioned work exceeding 4000 crore from NHAI in the state of Gujarat, taking the order book to 9000 crore.

RSIIL anticipates that this new financial impetus will not only help them to contend for a broader range of projects but also steer them towards an impressive revenue outlook with projections situating their net turnover at a staggering INR 5000 crore by 2026.


Mr Ameet Gadhoke, Managing Director, Roadway Solutions India Infra Ltd (RSIIL) stated, “We are excited to have AG Dynamic Funds Limited on board as a significant stakeholder in our journey towards achieving remarkable industry milestones.”

“We are thrilled to partner with RSIIL and have signed an MOU for an investment of $120 Million in their growth journey. This collaboration signifies our confidence in RSIIL’s potential and our shared vision for progress in the infrastructure sector. We look forward to a fruitful partnership that will drive both companies towards achieving remarkable industry milestones.” Ashwanee Ramsurrun, Director, of AG Dynamic Funds Limited.


AG Dynamic Funds Limited’s pledge in RSIIL underscores a shared vision of progress and prosperity. The investment is not merely a capital infusion but a fusion of confidence and a drive towards achieving remarkable industry milestones.